International Festival of folklore “Dukatfest” was successfully held in 2008th, 2009th, 2010th, 2011th, 2012th, 2013th and 2014th. seven cities in the Republic of Srpska / Bosnia and Herzegovina : Banja Luka , Laktasi, Prijedor, Mrkonjic Grad, Modrica, Derventa, Gradiska.

“Dukatfest” is the only festival in the Republic of Serbian / Bosnia and Herzegovina to mark the International. Every year host 300 participants from ten countries worldwide. In the Republic of Srpska , folklore for centuries occupies a prominent place in the cultural development of citizens. For this reason, the organizer of the festival “Misija nt”, is aimed at citizens of the Republic of Srpska/Bosnia and Herzegovina closer to the culture of different countries in the world, but also to their own cultural heritage presented by the parties. It should be noted that after the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1991st-1995th year) a small number of people visited countries in Europe and the world because of financial inability and unresolved visas.

With the aim of intercultural education, “Dukatfest” tends to its citizens every year in several cities bring as many different ensembles from all over the world to the Festival and through the direct communication with the participants to build intercultural dialogue and understanding.

On the other hand, the organizer of the International Festival of Folklore “Dukatfest” aims to host reception ensembles from abroad, and a festival program promotes a positive image of Republic of Srpska in the World.Views festival program in the five-day period is great. Statistics shows that about seven thousand people visited events at the Festival of the 2010th, and the efforts of the organizers of the festival to expand the program into a number of cities. In this way, the Republic of Srpska / Bosnia and Herzegovina would have traveled, international, festival.

“Dukatfest” could be held without understanding and financial support Government of Republic of Srpska that was in previous years was the largest co-financier of this cultural event. Also, the festival has received support in the organization of leadership IOV.International Festival of Folklore “Dukatfest” Banja Luka , one of the activities of the Agency for Cultural Events “Misija nt”. As such, the agency is member of the IOV since 2007. In Bosnia and Herzegovina is not formed a state representative IOV.

The aim of Dukat Fest is to gather folk ensembles in order to present various cultures and customs to the citizens of Republic of Srpska and to become leading festival in the region. Its membership in the World Association of Folk Art in UNESCO is very good pre-term to accomplish its aims.


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