At the central Festival competition night performed folk ensembles from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Russia, Moldova, Italy and Cyprus, who competed in three categories – for best presentation, authenticity and style. A jury of experts, composed of representatives of the states from where the competitive ensembles were, decided that the Grand Prix award for the best presentation go to ensemble “Čajavec” from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the best style has been awarded ensemble “SU MASU” from Italy, and the folk group ” Kriva rijeka” from Kosovo (Serbia) has been assessed in the category the best of authenticity performance.

The Krajina Square in Banja Luka gathered several thousand visitors, which once again confirms the quality of this folk festival. In accordance with the opinion of the participants “from organization to hospitality – everything was perfect”.



Selling exhibition of souvenirs of the representative ensembles participants Dukatfest and creative people of the Republic of Srpska / Bosnia and Herzegovina has been successfully implemented in the Krajina Square, Banja Luka with a large attendance of citizens.

There were traditional souvenirs, jewelry, objects with traditional motifs in contemporary appliance on the tables and everything else that characterize and promote diversity among countries and nations. Art & Craft Market “Dukatfest – New folklore” has been realized with the support of UN agencies, within the project “The Dialogue for the Future”.


A round table “Cultural Heritage – creativity and self-employment” was held in the Music Pavilion, in Petar Kočić park. This project aims to encourage young creative people of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the design of modern products in the traditional spirit, opening opportunities in their self-employment, development and promotion of ethnic tourism, and, as a final goal, highlights their networking and cooperation all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, which focus is to promote the cultural diversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

okruglisto dijalog


“Do we have an awareness of cultural heritage”?, “Does cultural heritage could be a basis in self employment or employment at all?”, “Does cultural heritage could become a modern product”? – These are just some of the questions that were answered by the participants of the round table: Amila Terzimehic – UNESCO, Mladen Banjac – The Museum of Contemporary Art of Republic of Srpska, Mladen Šukalo – Tourist Organization of Banja Luka, Anita Šimundza – Gender Centre of Government of Republic of Srpska, Marko Potkozarac (Marko Feher) – fashion designer, Slavica Radić – Association “Dragana’s Garden” Banjaluka, Jasmina Kutragić – Women Association Vakuf, Natalija Trivić – director of IFF Dukatfest, Ivana Dojčinović – Faculty of Technology Banja Luka. Round Table “Cultural Heritage-creativity and self-employment” is part of the “Dukatfest-new folklore” which is supported by UN agencies, through the implementation of the project “The Dialogue for the Future”.

 “Traditional in new “

The workshop titled “Traditional in new “ took place in Banjaluka, within the project “Dukatfest – New Folklore”, brought together about 60 participants who created traditional motifs in modern product.


Participants had the opportunity to master the technique of making “zmijanjski vez”, decoupage techniques, making jewelery from Fimo, learn the basics about the characteristics and types of clay and modeling techniques.
The work involved creative creators from Banja Luka, Novi Grad, Prijedor, Doboj and Bihac.


The workshop was held within the project “ Dukatfest – new folklore “ which aims to create a platform for new knowledge, creative industries, and networking creative people from the Republic of Srpska and BiH.

The products that were created in these workshops, will be on sale on the official sales exhibition at the Krajina Square in Banja Luka during the festival days in June.


Within Festival program will be organized a round table on the topic “ Self-employment of women through creative industry “ where the focus will be on branding artifacts with traditional motifs in contemporary application.

The project “ Dukatfest – new folklore “ is supported by the project “ Dialogue for the Future “ which is implemented through UN agencies.


By participating in creative workshops participants are entitled to participate in recording promotional films about their work that will be broadcast within the central festival evening “ Dukatfest 2015.“ od 22. of June. Films will be distributed in the countries of which ensembles participate in the festival.

The next workshop will be held on May 16, on the Faculty of Technology in Bihac.

Press conference on the occasion of International Folklore Festival “Dukatfest 2015″

Ensembles from Egypt, Moldova, Italy, India, Serbia, Cyprus, Russia and the Republic of Srpska / Bosnia and Herzegovina are the participants of this year’s festival, which took place from 20 to 24 June in Banja Luka, Gradiska, Modrica and Prnjavor.


 This year the festival organizers have said that this year they are especially proud about the project “Dukatfest – new folklore” .

IMG_9833The director of the festival Natalia Trivić pointed out that within the framework of this project will be held workshop “Traditionally in the new” in Banja Luka (26.04.2015.) and in Bihac (05.16.2015.). She pointed out that the applications for participation in the workshops are open to all creative people untill 23 April, and can be downloaded from the official website of the Festival www.iff-dukat.com.
All participating in creative workshops are entitled to participate the competition for the recording of promotional films about their work that will be broadcast within the central festival evening Dukatfest’s, and will be distributed in the countries from which ensembles participate in the festival.

Round table on the topic “Self-employment of women through creative industries” will be held in June and the focus will be on branding artifacts with traditional motifs in contemporary application.

Through those workshops and round table “Dukatfest” this year is supported by the UN – and all within the project “Dialogue for the Future” that carried out by agencies of the United Nations.

IMG_9843Jovan Simic, director of the program “Dukatfest 2015″ presented the program of this year’s festival, adding that as in previous years the festival to all who are in one of the four cities where the festival is held , closer to the tradition of the world. A detailed program of the festival is located on the official website of “Dukatfest 2015.”


 At the end of the conference organizers have invited all creative people once again to participate in the first workshop under the project “Dukatfest new folklore” that will be held at the Youth Center Banjaluka on Sunday 26 April at 10 hours and 30 minutes .







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