Banja Luka is the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina with 250,000 inhabitants. It is the largest city of the Republic of Srpska, one of the two entities, and as such is the political, administrative, financial, university and cultural center.


Due to the large number of green spaces (parks), Banja Luka carries the label of a city of greenery, and it is also called the city of youth, sports and beautiful women. Vrbas River which cources through the city, is one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a fantastic canyon enabled the maintenance of the World Rafting Championships and has since been constantly increasing for fans of this adrenaline sport.


The specificity of this river is also the boat Dayak who is named after the pole, which serves to push the boat.
Banja Luka is known per numerous manifestations each year gather a large number of domestic visitors, and tourists. In addition to the International folk dance and music festival “Dukatfest” there are Demofest (festival of demo musical composition), Kratkofil (International Short Film Festival), Neofest (Urban Culture Festival), International Festival of Children’s Theatre, Museum Night, Summer on the Vrbas, and others.


Banja Luka has a good reputation for its nightlife. Unlike other cities, in Banja Luka is not day of the week when there is not opportunity for a night, cables for all ages, lifestyles and for every pocket! Numerous bars arranged in a pedestrian zone in the center or along the bank of the river, as well as music clubs, provide quality entertainment for visitors.



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