Competition program






General Provisions

Article 1

This ordinance shall regulate the procedure for the competition part of the International Culture and Music Festival “Dukatfest” to select the best folk dance ensemble. Festival organized by NGO “Misijant” (Organizer).


Article 2

Dance groups are bound to the December 31, 2016, submit the application to the Festival, with a short biography of ensemble and video link competition choreography till 8 minutes, which will be presented on a competitive event of the Festival.


Article 3

The number of members of the Participant while appearing cannot be more than 25 persons, including dance ensemble, orchestra, singers, represents of ensemble and bus driver/if they come by bus/.
The musical accompaniments during the presenting of the program are prohibited traditional folk instruments in live. Using the matrix is ​​not allowed.
Participants, in the competition part of the program festival, should be carried out till a total of 8 minutes.

The Jury

Article 4

Participants in the competition part of the festival are assessed by jury of eminent experts in the field of ethnomusicology, ethnology and folklore ethno choreology, and per one ofe represents of ensembles which participate in Festival.

Article 5

Each member of the jury decides independently and according to their expertise, reputation and authority.

Each juror shall sign the evaluation after their assessment forms.
All members of the jury, including the President, the equal vote and participate in the evaluation of registered participants in the competitive part of the festival.

Article 6

Coordinating the work of the members of the jury is chaired by the President of the jury.
Jury President is obliged to sign the report on voting, made ​​on the basis of forms for evaluation of all the members of the jury, and submit it to the organizer.


Article 7

The jury will evaluate the competitive part of the festival participants into three categories:
  * Best presentation (chemistry Ensemble)
  * Authenticity and
  * Style.

Winner of the Festival is the participant who takes victory and maximum points in the overall standing. The second and the third place will win ensembles who obtain the largest number of points in the sequence in the table of all participants.

Article 8

Each member of the jury assesses all participants in all three categories from 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest score.
The final score of each participant in each category obtained by adding the score of each member of the jury in three categories.
The winner is the participant who in total sales / each category receives the highest number of points.
If more players have the same number of points in any category winner is the one who has the greater number of highest grade.

Article 9

International culture and music festival “Dukatfest” reward the first place in the overall standings – Grand prix –  600,00 euro and trophy.
All ensembles participants will receive certificates of participation in ICMF “Dukatfest 2016″

Final Provisions

Article 10

This regulation of the competitive part of the festival organizer made ​​in accordance with the recommendations of the IOV (International Organization for the preservation of folk art to UNESCO, based in Austria).

Article 11

This Ordinance shall be published on the Internet site of the Festival ( to ensure public choice in the competitive part of the festival.
Article 12

For any amendment of this Ordinance shall be authorized by the Organizer and shall in case of changes to them in a timely manner to inform the public.
Amendments to the Regulations shall not apply to the Festival which started registration of participants.

Banja Luka, 01.11.2016.


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